Spring Tour in the Sun Room


The sun room has gone through a couple of changes again with a new jute rug and a colorful textured ottoman that I just love. Oh, and some color has returned, but subdued color not rich and bold. I have been on the hunt for an ottoman for quite some time. I loved the coffee table, but I would put my feet up on it and then my heels would start hurting. I would grab a pillow to put under my feet, but now I don't have, too. If you follow me on Instagram then you know the table moved to another room. There were lots of tables being shuffled from one room to the next.

Spring Tour in the Sun Room

 I started with the neutral rug in the sun room and then I felt the room needed a pop of color with the ottoman. Since there is blue in the ottoman I added some blue pillows and blue pottery around the room. Can't go wrong with blue additions. I threw in some plants and the room is ready for those warmer days. We have already had days in the eighties over the weekend and along with that came gobs and gobs of pollen. It's cooling back off this week.

Ten Years of Spring in the Sun Room


These are strange times we are living in and while we stay home to lower the curve and it continues to be dark in my house with rain almost daily I started looking at my old blog posts and thought I would share the last ten years of spring in the sun room. I had someone ask me on instagram if I would share some past looks of my sun room and I'm happy to oblige. I did a post looking back from 2015 back so some time I will share from 2015 to present, but for now I'm just sharing spring looks through the years. I'm sharing one photo with a link to the full post. Get ready to see how my style has changed through the years. Forgive some of the quality of the photos in the older posts. 

My Calm Place


The last time I shared the master bedroom was when it was decorated for Christmas. Well, of course all that was put away and a few changes have taken place. So today I'm sharing what my bedroom looks like now and thank goodness there was some sunshine when I took these.

I love my home, as we all should, and the master bedroom is my favorite. It didn't used to be, but after painting it last year, moving things around, painting the French commode and hanging the antiqe horse painting that was my mom's this room is my calm place at the end of the day. 

Details that Create a Comfortable Guest Bedroom


Can y'all believe it's March? A few posts back I shared the French Farmhouse Bedroom with it's striped linen bedding and today I'm finally sharing the other guest bedroom. It has looked like this since the start of the year so I'm a bit late sharing. 

I'm keeping this room calm and inviting with cool blues and lots of white. The bedding is done in layers of white and lots of texture. In this room it's the details of tiny ruffles that make it a bit feminine. It's a pale blue hutch filled with collections of shells, coral and books that make you take a look. It's French baskets for extra storage and an extra blanket when needed. It's a chair in the corner to sit and put shoes on or to read a good book. All these things create a comfortable refuge at the end of the day.

This bedroom is the brightess in the house. It gets flooded with light until early afternoon.

New Kitchen Counters and Backsplash Reveal


I am so thrilled to finally share the new kitchen counters and backsplash reveal! We finished this renovation a couple of weeks ago and then it rained and rained and rained some more. We would get a day or two of sun and then it was cloudy and dark in the house again. The kitchen doesn't get good light this time of year anyway, but add dark clouds and you can forget about getting any decent photos. Over the weekend we had some sunshine and I was able to grab the camera to take some shots to share with y'all. I could not be any happier with how this turned out and how much lighter the kitchen feels even on those dark days.

To fully enjoy the difference you need to check out My Kitchen From the Beginning post.

So come on in and let's tour the new kitchen!

Even with the sun shining I still had to fool with the camera settings and then do lots of editing to get these shots bright enough. I love this new view I see now when we walk in the kitchen.