Made With Love


I have been giving you little snippets of the latest project I have been working on. Actually I should say we have been working on. Mr. Savvy stepped in and did the sanding. I was going to, but since I have never used a palm sander before he did the sanding. Let's take a look at the process.

Let me give you some history of this piece. This was made for my son in law's mom when she was expecting him over thirty years ago. It was hand made by his God Father and given to her as a gift.

It is a changing table. It is solid pine and was stained dark.

Over the years it has really been scratched up. My son in law said he use to play with his hot wheels on top of this when he was growing up.

This is how it looked after Mr. Savvy sanded it. I was just starting to prime it and remembered to take a picture.

This is after two coats of primer and two coats of a soft pink paint.
I also sanded lightly with a fine grit sandpaper between each coat of primer.
Paint I used was Sherwin Williams ProClassic semi gloss in a Laura Ashley paint color from Lowes called chalk pink. Just a very soft pink.

Then the fun part of glazing was next.  I used Valspar Signature Colors translucent color glaze in Mocha.
I sanded some of the edges and across some places on the front before glazing.

After  the glaze dried for twenty four hours I polished the entire chest with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax 
in natural. It protects the finish and just look at that shine.

Bought these cute knobs at Hobby Lobby last week at half off.

This shows some of the detail of how the glaze stays in the cracks.

Here is the finished changing table for my future granddaughter due around October 27.
I am so glad my son in law's parents kept this all these years. It is such a well made piece and it is very special to him since his God Father made it for his mom to use with him thirty years ago. I was glad to refinish this for them. Right now it still sits here in our house, but I am sure they will come soon and pick it up. I will show it again in it's designated spot in the nursery soon. I sent pictures of this to my daughter yesterday so she could see how it turned out and she is thrilled with it. My daughter has registered for a pad for the top of this for her upcoming showers.

I Love Burlap


I hope everyone had a terrific weekend. We have been busy sanding and painting something for my future granddaughter's nursery and will have photos soon. In the meantime I started another little project that was quick and easy except for the thread coming out of my needle on the sewing machine over and over. Ugh!

I know I have shown you my master bedroom photos before here, but of course it was all cleaned up
and staged for the photos. Now I will show you something that resides in our room that I took out for
the photos. This is real life photography here.


This is where Miss Bailey sleeps. She loves her crate. Most terriers do love a little snuggly den type
space to rest in. We tried letting her sleep with us for a while, but I could not sleep good with her in the bed so back in her crate she went.  Mom needs what sleep she can get. It is already interrupted by snoring.

I was putting a large towel over her crate and then I decided to use burlap to make a cover. I love the texture that burlap adds to a room.
I sewed all the edges under and then stenciled her initial on top.

I did this on the kitchen counter so I would have a nice hard surface to work on.

Used a dark brown stencil paint.

Voila, she has a monogrammed crate cover like any good southern dog should have.

Here it is in it's spot in our bedroom. I want to add a ruffle to the edges, too, but did not have time
to work on that. I probably will soon if I can make the ruffle.

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More Junk, I Mean Treasures


Well, it is time to share our junk thrifty finds again. My how time flies. I did go to a couple of flea markets this week to hunt and gather and I did find a couple of nice things.

I found this wonderful solid wood magazine holder for only twenty dollars. I believe it is mahogony. 
I knew it would be perfect in my English style sitting room.

Also found this large old bobbin.

It was only six dollars, which I thought
 was really good for one this large.

It is very chewed up and scratched, but that just makes it better.

Now for my favorite thing of all. I know you are saying what is it? That is the bottom of it isn't it?
Why yes it is.  Anyone recognize this name?

I was just walking through the flea market/antique store and was on the very last aisle without finding anything in this particular store and then I heard it! Yes, I heard it. It was making these clucking sounds so of course
I started to look around and I heard it again.

Yes, it was getting louder and I was getting closer.

And there it was this HUGE covered casserole dish.  A white and yellow chicken casserole dish no less.
I walked over to it and wondered just how much was this going to be??
I just love the basketweave design, too. I feel a tablescape coming soon.

It was only $24 which I did not thing was very bad for something this big and cute.
Yes, I said cute. Just look at that face. Well actually he looks kind of mean, but hey he is cute in my eye and the perfect colors for my house.

Mr. Savvy does call all this stuff junk, but he says if it makes me happy then that is all that matters. Aw, isn't he sweet. I better say that because I found out he is reading my blog at work. Hi  honey!

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What a Bargain


I have been trying to collect some vintage wine bottles wrapped in wicker or demijohns as they are called for a while. The prices can be quite high and not really what I want to pay. I have found a couple of reasonably priced ones at the flea market, but those are few and far between. I decided to look on ebay to see if they had any listed and there were quite a few at all different prices. I found this huge one that the seller said was found in an old barn. The starting bid was $19.

This thing is really big! The seller said it was around four gallons. He didn't try to clean it because the wicker
is very fragile in some spots.

The top shows the most grime and discoloration from being in the elements for so long. The photo doesn't show how gray and grimey it actually is. Inside the glass is rather nasty, too.

I just left it alone for a few days and then decided to make it look better.

So I got my stain out and a brush and just started brushing it on. I have seen some being sold that are stained like this, too.  The towel I am using is a very old beach towel and it is past it's prime. I actually got these towels before my kids were born. Sure have been good ones. I purchased  two of them back in the seventies for $12 each and my husband's sisters thought that was terribly expensive, but hey they lasted over thirty years so I think I got my money's worth out of them. Now it is a drop cloth. The other one I use when I give
Bailey a bath.

You can see how fragile the bottom of the wicker is.

Here it is all stained and pretty. I wiped the crud out of the top of the glass with just a wet paper towel.

The handles are in perfect condition.

For now it sits in the corner of my kitchen until I get another one and can move them to the top
of my bookcase in the great room.

My cat Rusty decided to get in the photo and this really shows how large this is.

Now the good news is nobody bid against me for it so it was $19 plus $13 for shipping. Still a lot cheaper
than some I have seen in the stores and on ebay.

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Le Coq Has Come to Dine


Hope everyone is having a good Monday. I was so thrilled this morning to see that we got some much needed rain last night and we have had some more showers today. My yard was drying up quickly and now it is fresh and green again. 

Now on to the post at hand. I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday. I have changed the vignettes on the table in the breakfast room and dining room so let's have a look.

I just recently purchased this vintage tablecloth at the flea market and decided to use it in this vignette.

My sister gave me this rooster a few years ago for Christmas. I love the colors of it.
Filled this large jar with faux black eyed Susans and hydrangeas and added my vintage scale to the mix.

A better look at the tablecloth.

Let's move on to the dining room shall we?

I have my large white Pottery Barn vase that my daughter gave me for Christmas or birthday (my bad I can't remember which) and my large white rooster and my new old chippy white bowl on a Pottery Barn stool.

Yellow daisies and ferns for the centerpiece.

Took my parsons chairs that I was using for the two end chairs and brought back the ladder back 
chairs for a change.

Those are my two vignettes where the roosters have come to dine.

Be sure and check out the other vignettes this week at Marty's. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

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