On Sutton Place


We are going to move on from dark stormy skies to a bright and cheerful post now. I want to share a blog with you that I found just a few months ago. I have found someone else who loves color like I do and we have the same taste in so many things. She has a pillow addiction  just like me, but she makes most of hers whereas I have to buy mine.

Just look how cute this pillow is. She had already made a pair of these pillows and then she sent them to be embroidered by a gal she found through another blog. You can see the matching pillow at her blog.

This is her beautiful sun room. I love her colors and mix of fabrics.
I even have the same rug on my deck.

Isn't this too cute? I would love to hang out in one of those chairs with my feet up.

She carried the same colors outside to her deck. I just love her table setting.

I really think she should sell give me this red plaid chair. Just look at that pillow. That is the same fabric as my dining room drapes and the two chair cushions I recovered. Oh, she could just send me the pillow, too.

 She even has the same white sofa that I do. I think we were separated at birth.
Look at all the red and yellow.

I love all her accessories. This is a before of her kitchen cabinet that she recently did a little
remodel on her kitchen. She says her husband is not a handy man so she does it herself.

This is the same cabinet as the above shot and she painted it this wonderful blue.

 Here is a better look at the color. She even collects white pitchers like I do.

Her kitchen is so charming.

This is her new blue front door. You may have already seen this featured all over blog land.

She even got a doggie to fill the empty nest just like we did.

Now go over and say Hi to Ann On Sutton Place. Be sure you are comfy first because you may be there a while.

Thanks, Ann for letting me share your home and blog!


  1. Oh Kim!
    what a beautiful home!!
    love the comforting colors..
    i could just move right on in!!
    think I'll pop over and say a proper hello..
    maybe then she'll let me stay for a LOOOOOOONG time!
    it's too hot for my usual warm sandy hugs..
    so we'll say later...

  2. Kim, Ann's place is beautiful, I follower her too so glad to see her featured on your blog, I love what she did to the front door and her yard is to die for....


  3. What a great house, Kim! I love the fact that it's so comfy, inviting, cozy and in a very understated way, elegant too! Just perfect and yeah, the pillows are beautiful and yeah, she should give you the plaid chair!! Thanks for sharing it. Lots of hugs, FABBY

  4. Yes, yes! Love it! I have already discovered Ann's blog! I also love her use of color...and all of her blue and white and her plates! :-) Thanks for featuring her! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  5. Hi Kim,
    You do have very similar tastes and styles. I think you have found your decorating sister!

    Her home is lovely. Just like yours.


  6. Ann has a wonderful, wonderful blog, I see bright and big things ahead for her!~ She really is talented, and has a great eye for color.

  7. I can't wait to take a look. She has a wonderful sense of style just like you.

  8. I love her blog too. She really does have such a creative and beautiful way of decorating. Tons of eye candy. Hugs, marty

  9. The similarities in your home and hers are remarkable! I think you are sisters and don't know it!

  10. I've been a follower of Ann's for a while and love all her posts. I can definitely see some similarities with your style sense!

  11. I know! I love, love, love her blog! She's a color gal like us!

  12. Hey Kim you know I love Ann's blog and beautiful home! I thought I had first dibs on her red plaid chair(LOL)!! Martina

  13. Wow Kim her home is very much like your own. Love the cheerful colors. The sun porch was a fav of mine. I will have to go and check out her blog. Thank you for the intro,Kathysue

  14. ok....you might be twins, but I am the triplet! Love her style too...heading over there right now.

  15. Well I think you are sisters separated at birth! I feel like that with Sissie! We always say that to each other, funny how you can connect in a decorating style almost exactly to another gal, isn't it?

  16. What a lovely place! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely blog with us....I on my way!

  17. I love On Sutton Place. Ann has a great blog and she is such a nice person. I have enjoyed visiting her blog!! That is so nice of you to feature her! I love her home!

  18. Love the gorgeous On Sutton Place! Looks like you have found your soul mate!

  19. A woman after my own heart. Even has a schnauzer just like me! Going over to her blog right now!

  20. Wow! That really could be your home. Everything is beautiful and the colors are very welcoming and comforting.

  21. She does have your style Kim! I love her sense of putting elements, pattern and texture together. ANd she does love colors... and mixes them so perfectly.
    Thamks for introducing her to all of us!

  22. Wow!! What a gorgeous gorgeous home...!!! I had go back again and again to see the pictures... !!! Love here sun room and the table setting at the deck... !!! Lovely choice of fabrics... and I just love Ann's sense of color...!!!

  23. This is such a beautiful home. Going right over....

  24. Oh Kim...I'm not sure what to say that would sufficiently thank you for such a nice feature. So...thank you. I have loved getting to know you, valued your advice and looked forward to every one of your posts. Many, many times if I get stuck on something (which happens alot) I bring up your blog and look around. It always inspires me and I end up figuring things out. Your photography skills and advice have been invaluable to me. Your linky party is a blast resulting in SSS being my top referring URL. I'm not sure where my little blog would be without you! Thanks again for everything. Have a lovely Sunday!

  25. Kim --
    I know just what you mean about finding kindred spirits through blogging. Alicia Nichols (Table Twenty Two) and I believe that we might have been separated at birth, too. We have so many of the same dishes and accessoried and often unknowingly use them on the same week for our posts. It's a warm and friendly place that we play in, isn't it?
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  26. OMGoodness, I think you WERE seperated at birth!!!! Maybe she is your long lost TWIN:):) I love her home so will go visit her now! Thanks for the introduction!!!! XO, Pinky

  27. I've had her blog under favorites for a couple months. She has a beautiful home! LOVE her red chair.

  28. Beyond gorgeous!!!

    Thank you for sharing! I spied that little pillow remembering you have the same fabric.


  29. What a fun tour of her house--I loved everything in it! That sunroom is a great inspiration for mine, which still needs a lot of work. Got to check her blog out--thanks, Kim! :)