Wow, I am blown away by all the wonderful comments on my bedroom makeover. Thank you! I had several questions asked about things that I did not give details or sources for because I had already in older posts so I thought I would answer and share here.

I didn't tell y'all this, but this really isn't the headboard I ordered. I ordered the high arched one, but this one was sent by mistake and I decided to keep it. I was torn between the two anyway in the beginning so I'm glad this one was sent. The link to the headboard is here and they are on sale till the 13th. So hurry and order one! They have many fabric choices to choose from.

This is the best close up I could find of the off white quilt. It is the Pickstich bedding from Pottery Barn and I found it at the outlet. I had previously put it on the bed in one of the guest rooms and decided to swap them out when I went back and got the Pickstich shams.

I was using the European style shams with the old tall headboard, but didn't want this headboard hidden behind the tall ones. The Bonne Nuit pillow is also from the Pottery Barn outlet that many asked about.

I did receive a couple of suggestions about how to make this armoire have more of the European look I want until I find the perfect one. One was to take the inserts out and replace with glass. Well, that isn't going to happen. If you saw what lies behind those closed doors you would understand why.
The other was to replace the panels with chicken wire and fabric. I do like that idea, but sure Mr. Savvy would not like that since this is his piece. I will find the perfect piece some day.

It was about fifty fifty on whether to paint my dresser or not. I appreciate the feedback and will probably NOT paint it. I don't think the mister wants me to anyway. I feel like every piece should not be painted. Of course if that "paint demon" takes over my body, as Mr. Savvy has been saying lately, who knows.

The bed skirt is also from, where else, Pottery Barn. It is the vintage ticking one that they carried last year.  I found this one on ebay and went ahead and bought the king size even though our bed is a queen. I knew I could just tuck in the extra fabric under the mattress and make it work. Always good to check out ebay.  I have seen the blue one at the outlet recently.

The lamps by the bed are from Hobby Lobby. I bought them last year, but think they may still carry them. Of course I bought them when they were half price.

The large lamps were purchased from a local home decor shop that went out of business. The lamps were a shiny dark brown and then I spray painted them white and recently softened that look with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White. The white spray paint was just too harsh of a white.

and yes, the old bed is already gone for those of you who asked.

I hope that covers most of the questions.

See you tonight for Wow Us Wednesdays!


  1. I agree that you should leave the dresser as is. Otherwise it will make everything look too matchy matchy again. I think every room should at least have one natural wood piece in it for warmth unless you have hardwood floors in there to offset it. JMO! Ha! I like the armoire in there painted white.

  2. I agree, don't paint that lovely piece, at least not all of it if the demon arrives. I still think etched glass inserts would be good on Mr. S's inserts..... frosted mostly so nothing behind would show, and a hint... if you put a smokey glass plexi behind you can't see but your design shows off nicely. We have that in our kitchen cabinets and no one can see what's lurking inside! Some manly French words on it perhaps?


  3. Such a pretty room! I love the new headboard, the bedding and the basket on the armoire. I'm glad you're not painting the dresser (yet!). It adds a lot of warmth to the space.

  4. Hi Kim!
    I am thrilled you shared your master bedroom makeover! It is fabulous! The colors and textures you chose work together to make a beautiful and serene area.

    You are the queen of paint... that is for sure! All masterfully done. It is a wise woman who has a "Paint Demon" in her that can restrain herself from painting every piece of furniture. Kudos! Perfect balance.

    I love that little bench at the end of your bed. What a perfect piece to add for interest. Such a big transformation... I never thought to paint wrought iron.

    And I am sure you feel that the headboard is the true star... and it is. Just stunning! I have the same Bon Nuit pillow in one of my guest bedrooms. I think is is so visually pleasing.

    Everything in your bedroom is thoughtfully appointed and every detail executed to perfection. It is all so very very lovely.

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    xo Yvonne

  5. Everything is just beautiful! I like mixing painted pieces with natural wood! Love your new headboard and the lovely bedding! So restful! ♥

  6. How on earth did I miss your master bedroom post?! I'm off to read it now, but wanted to say that your changes are fantastic, Kim! Our recent bedroom tweaks are a bit similar ... I know you're enjoying the changes. And, I, too, agree about keeping your dresser as it is (for today, lol) ... I just struggled with the same thing myself in our master redo. I'm sure it's only a a matter of time before your paint brush hits it.

  7. It is gorgeous! I just love the bedding. Bedding is like dishes to me...I never get tired of getting new things!

    I have a question for you. I looked for the Hahn floor steamer you mentioned and there are several models. One is around $100 the other around $200 and I think there might even be one in between. Can you tell me what model you have or at least what it looks like. I want to get one that works!

  8. I really like the dresser dark, I think it's a nice contrast with all of the lighter colors. I LOVE the painted lamps, so pretty! It's all just lovely Kim.


  9. Kim I really do love this look. I am all about serene and white bedding is always my preference. You hit the nail on the head on both counts! My mister told me yesterday he is ready to buy a king sized bed. We now have a queen so that means a new headboard and bedding. I love what I have so it will be pretty close to what I have now. It will be hard for me to buy all new bedding, such a large expense. Time to go bargain hunting!
    Love your room!! Great job!!

  10. I saw it the other day but it was nice to see some additonal pics with your comments! You could get the fabric look on that armoire by just putting fabric right on the door. Hot glue the insert along the edge (over a piece of batting would be good) and then cover the edge with a pretty trim. Padded doors are definitely European.

  11. Looks great Kim! I have that same PB Bonne Nuit pillow on our bed too. Great minds must think alike. :)

  12. I'm glad you're leaving the dresser as is. I agree with you that everything should not be painted.

  13. I think the dresser looks fine the way it is. It grounds the space. Love your bedroom Kim.

  14. The headboard, soft and yummy, is so pretty and I too would not paint the dresser.

  15. Your bedroom is beautiful. I never get tired of your changes, you know just how to WOW me.

  16. I love the pickstitch line from Pottery Barn..I have that in my guest room and my guests love the look and feel of it...Your room turned out so wonderful...I loved seeing it again in this post...I so love the Pottery Barn outlet in Dawsonville...what a great outlet mall!

  17. This is fabulous. I really like the white armoire. What if you just replaced the panels with ruched linen? It would add coverage, texture, contrasting color...just a thought. Your new headboard is dreamy! andrea@townandprairie

  18. Everything is so beautiful. Love everything from Pottery Barn. The bed skirt is my favorite. I really like the white armoire the way it is. I think the basket on top gives it the European feel you are looking for, especially with it having the number stenciled on it.

  19. Kim, LOVE your upholstered headboard. Great color and I like the tufted style as well as the arched one. I think the dresser looks nice in the stained wood. It gives you a bit of contrast with the light colors. Great job, Kim.

  20. Oh Kim! It looks incredible! You must be so excited with your new room.
    Have to admit that now you've gotten me thinking about redoing mine...

  21. You never cease to amaze me. I love, love your style and that headboard is awesome! I saw that pillow at PB Outlet and thought it would be perfect for your room. Hope I have time to link to Wow Us Wednesdays tomorrow, but please take a look at my dresser on my blog (if you have time). I think you will like it. I read somewhere that your sis has a blog - would love to follow it. What is the name of her blog?

  22. You never cease to amaze me. I love, love your style and that headboard is awesome! I saw that pillow at PB Outlet and thought it would be perfect for your room. Hope I have time to link to Wow Us Wednesdays tomorrow, but please take a look at my dresser on my blog (if you have time). I think you will like it. I read somewhere that your sis has a blog - would love to follow it. What is the name of her blog?

  23. I like the dresser as it is, too. I like a few pieces of furniture left unpainted...I think they ground the room.
    And, I ADORE your present, white armoire.

  24. I love the way your new room looks! The headboard is gorgeous. The the perfect fabric. What about putting some tin tiles in the inserts of the armoire?

  25. I'm still drooling over your bedroom redo. It looks so soft and comfortable, you did an amazing job!