Kitchen Reno Progress and a Surprise Snowfall


Just in case you didn't read my A Big Project Has Begun post we are updating the kitchen counters and backsplash. After choosing the new quartzite counters, demolishing the backsplash, and waiting on the fabrication and installation of the counters I can see the end in sight.

Today I'm sharing the kitchen reno progress shots from my phone and a surprise snowfall we had on Saturday. 

This is the before to refresh your memory of what the old granite looked like. This counter went well with the first kitchen reno around eighteen years ago, but after painting the cabinets white and then the peninsula a pale gray the speckled brown granite was looking very dated.

Last Tuesday was finally install day after a two week wait. I'm not very good at waiting.
We were able to keep our old counters on untill install day and we just paid them extra to demo the old and take it all with them. Money well spent.
We knew this job would be one big dusty mess so we hung plastic over all the openings to cut back on that dust. Some still escaped, but it was a solid white fog in here when they were cutting out for the cooktop and faucet holes. There's just no way around the dust during a renovation.

New counter and sink are in place.

Love, love, love my new sink. Details will be in the reveal post.

This machine pulls the slabs together to make the seam small as possible. I have never seen this used before.

I love the veining in this piece by the refrigerator.
Sea Pearl quartzite is mostly a pale gray with white and darker veining. This piece had more white than gray. The larger piece on the penisula is more gray.

I've been waiting all week for this to happen! Mr. Savvy and my step son are doing a great job.

The quartzite was a very easy choice after I saw it, but the backsplash tile was another story. I know everyone uses subway tile now and we did not long ago with a mini kitchen upgrade and I love that look, too, but I wanted something different this time. I went to two stores and found this arctic white brushed marble three inch hexagon tile and went with my gut and purchased it. It wasn't cheap at $23.99 a square foot, but I'm glad I bought it because it is perfect with the quartzite.
Love when that happens!
All the tiles got installed over the weekend and after it dries the grouting will begin.

This is how far they got on Saturday plus part of the other side. It looks so good even without the grout.

And then this happened on Saturday while the kitchen was being worked on. This is a rare sight here in Georgia and a very welcome one. Usually we get about a week of build up by the weather forecasters, but this time there was no mention of this until the day before and they downplayed it and said we may get a dusting. Well within three hours we had four inches! Yep, they missed this one. It was so beautiful coming down. I was the crazy lady sharing lots of photos and videos on instagram.

Saturday night a dense blanket of fog rolled in and it was so eery looking Sunday morning. The fog hung around for hours.

We have days of rain again this week and I will take photos of the kitchen once it's finished and share as soon as I can. We still need to grout, add some trim and touch up paint here and there.
I'm trying so hard to be patient and I'm so tired of living in this renovation mess.

Hope y'all have better weather where you are!


  1. Well it's stunning, but never doubted that.

  2. Kim I was so excited to see you posted today. Oh my gosh, it looks beautiful! It is gorgeous! I can not wait to see the finished kitchen. I also wanted to make comment on something I honestly just picked up on. You have the doors in your home painted a creamy brown? I was just reading the other day that white doors are out. I love the color you chose and I have no idea how long you have had them, sorry. I love your home. Love love love!!!

    1. Thanks so much and I painted those several years ago. I guess you're just now noticing. :)

  3. Your new counters and backsplash look amazing! Kim, your home just gets prettier and prettier all the time! How nice that you got snow too - I don't think we've even had that much yet! Enjoy your day!

  4. Kim,
    Your new countertops and backsplash are just beautiful! Love all your choices and cant wait to see it all finished. While your old countertops and backsplash were fine the new whiter quartz counters and hexagon tiles give your kitchen a whole new more modern fresh look. I still have Corian in my kitchen and they have performed well (minus some scratches) but after 18 years we will be updating them this year and will be looking at quartz.

  5. Oh my gosh! It looks so fabulous already!!! We didn’t get any of that pretty snow.

  6. love both the counters and the tile, so pretty. Can't wait to see more.

  7. gorgeous! absolutely love the back splash! Watching one of those HGTV rehab shows the other day and they used something similar!

  8. OH Kim I knew this was going to be great but I have to tell you those counter tops and backsplash are stunning. OMG how beautiful. I bet you do the happy dance everytime you see the progress and pretty going into your kitchen. Woo Hoo! Love it!

  9. Kitchen is lookng GREAT! We had snow here in Norman, Ok. last week and school was out for 2 days. I think we have the same weather people. They get us all built up then nothing. We got 3-4" though this time. Fun for 2 days for the snow lovers. Winter is usually 40-50's here. Even 60-70 occassionally and under 30 and lower sometimes but snow is years apart. I love it when you don't have to get out and just sit and take in the view. Looking forward to your reveal.

  10. Looks great Kim! We have quartzite in our beach home kitchen and I love it!!

  11. How exciting! It’s already fabulous, so I can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  12. Great choices - looks great!

    Georgia and all that snow? Your poor poor peach trees. : - (

  13. Excellent choice on the hexagon tile!!! I'm loving the new look!

  14. The counters and back splash are gorgeous!!! I love it all! Can't wait to see the final reveal!!! I also have sink envy, HATE my double sink.

  15. Both of them are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it all done and with all your pretties.

  16. Your kitchen is coming together just beautifully, Kim! How excited you must be. Great choice on the hexagon tiles. They are stunning. Love the pictures you captured of the snow. We didn't get as much as your area, but like you mentioned-- it was a welcoming sight to see!!

  17. Beautiful....and your yard is too!!

  18. Your kitchen is looking so good, I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I love those hex tiles!!! Blessings, Loni

  19. Absolutely stunning! I want to replace the granite here at This Old House 2, but the husband bawks at the expense. Would LOVE something similar to what you have chosen. just beautiful.