Mini Home Tour of the Foyer and Great Room


Thank goodness we had some sunshine on Saturday so I could snap some photos before it got gloomy again on Sunday. I believe this is one of the wettest winters I can remember.

I am taking y'all on a little tour of my current foyer and great room. As I said in the sun room tour and the French Farmhouse Bedroom posts I have kept things light, simple and neutral. I am just preferring light and bright these days and the neutral decor has actually helped on those gray days. 
So let's take a mini home tour of the foyer and great room.

Come on in!

This is the view as you come in the front door.

Just in case anyone new is reading, my home is filled with antiques and collections mixed with new things. This chest was my dad's. I loved it in his home and I am glad I can enjoy it in my home now. It's the perfect fit here between the kitchen entrance and the dining room.

Right past the kitchen entry I have placed this new bench. Yes, I have had different benches here over the years, but this one is so me right now. A couple of pillows and my large amber demijohn are the perfect accessories.

 I have always purchased most of my pillow covers at Pottery Barn. I still own a lot of them and will mix them in, but I'm loving pillows made from vintage fabrics and handmade by talented hardworking women from around the world. The one on the left is an authentic African mudcloth and made in Africa and purchased through The textural striped one came all the way from Australia.

I have been wanting some sort of tall tree in this corner and finally ordered this faux fiddle leaf fig. I was going to buy a live one, but I have already killed two so faux is the way to go. The basket is from World Market. The tree looks great from a distance, but once up close and if the sun hits on the leaves you can tell they aren't real. The trunk is very real looking though.

From the foyer hallway is this view of the great room. It was so nice to have the sun shining even if it was only for two days.

The great room is where Mr. Savvy watches television and it is the main gathering spot when we have guests.

The bookcases are filled with collections of vintage books, boxes, pottery and trophies that I have collected over the years.

I don't show the televison side often, but here it is since many have asked where it is.

I have a variety of pillows on the sofa. I was using matching pillows, but I'm liking the more casual feeling of adding different patterns and textures.

The brown pillow is another vintage fabric pillow from an Etsy shop. It's made from an old Chinese wedding blanket.

The striped one with fringe was found at a local home decor shop. The vintage French ticking pillows are favorites I have had for years.

This bowl was filled with dried artichokes since the holidays, but I just recently replaced them with these oyster shells. I guess I'm channeling spring and summer.

You've seen the backside of this petite bergere chair and here's the front. I have played musical chairs in this spot many times and I finally found this one that fits well.

This large French antique chest is directly across from the sofa. I think many have been confused as to where this is. We have to walk through the great room to our master bedroom and this chest is against the wall with the stairs above it.

I recently found this framed print at a local antique mall. I love hunt scenes.

I toned down the light on this shot so you could see the framed print better, but there is no way around the glare.

This is the view from the kitchen/breakfast room. I'd be a happy camper if we could do away with that recliner, but he loves it. We have had that one for a very long time and I think he's due a new one if I can find one he likes again that doesn't look like a recliner. The seat in that is about shot.

Are you off today for President's Day? Mr. Savvy is but we're not doing anything fun. I have another skin cancer surgery appointment today for a basal cell on my back.

Please don't work on that tan. It isn't worth it!


  1. I like the light and bright look, too, Kim. Everything looks great-from the bench to the pillows to the faux fig tree. Glad you had a bit of sun. I know you like the sun like I do- Hugs- Diana

  2. Club Furniture has a fantastic selection of leather recliners and they give you 30 days to decide if you really like it in your home, and if not they will take it back, even on custom orders. We love ours. Great customer service. Also, if you go to Laurel Home Blog, she has a post on good looking recliners.
    Love your dad's chest. Lovely piece. I never realized the sunroom was behind your kitchen dining windows.

  3. At the risk of being redundant--I LOVE YOUR DECORATING! It is perfection.

  4. Everything is so beautiful! You have such a great eye for putting shapes and textures together. Love your home and appreciate you sharing it! I am in your area and the sunshine was fabulous but just didn’t last long enough.

  5. Hi Kim

    Everything is gorgeous! Love your dad's chest with the french botanicals above it...perfection!!

  6. Kim,
    I never noticed the gorgeous patina on that chest until now! I know your Dad would be so happy to see it being displayed so beautifully in your home. My husband just got back from cleaning out his late fathers home. One of prettiest pieces he brought back was a wooden sewing cabinet that belonged to his late grandmother and a wooden painting easel that his grandfather used.

    Hope all goes well with your basal cell removal today. I had several removed but no where near the number you had. Please if you must tan use the self-tanning sprays and lotions or go and have a fake bake spray! Its not worth the price you will pay later in life!

  7. It all looks so beautiful, Kim. Really loving the new bench and all those textural pillows. Good luck with your appointment.

  8. Beautiful Kim. I love the way the light comes in your home. So pretty. Hope your appointment goes well.

  9. Beautiful as always! It has been terribly gloomy in Minnesota this year also (although cold and snowy with it, of course). We've been told it was the darkest, gloomiest January here on record!

    I'm wondering why your fiddle leaf figs die--is the light too strong? I am no gardener, but I have two of them in my dining room, crowded near the bay window but not IN the window, and they seem to be thriving. Bright but indirect light isn't always easy to come by. One is about 3 years old now--I can't believe it! Good luck with the surgery and recovery.

  10. Hope everything went well with removal today. Thank you for the tour- a delight! I love your rug- could you tell me where you bought it??

    1. It's from Pottery Barn a few years ago, but I think they still sell it.

  11. Love how you treasure your antiques and don't paint everything white like so many others are doing. Our home is a mix of well loved family antiques that I treasure.

  12. I'm with the Unknown person...don't like all white painted furniture! It's boring! Love your antiques (brown furniture).