New Kitchen Counters and Backsplash Reveal


I am so thrilled to finally share the new kitchen counters and backsplash reveal! We finished this renovation a couple of weeks ago and then it rained and rained and rained some more. We would get a day or two of sun and then it was cloudy and dark in the house again. The kitchen doesn't get good light this time of year anyway, but add dark clouds and you can forget about getting any decent photos. Over the weekend we had some sunshine and I was able to grab the camera to take some shots to share with y'all. I could not be any happier with how this turned out and how much lighter the kitchen feels even on those dark days.

To fully enjoy the difference you need to check out My Kitchen From the Beginning post.

So come on in and let's tour the new kitchen!

Even with the sun shining I still had to fool with the camera settings and then do lots of editing to get these shots bright enough. I love this new view I see now when we walk in the kitchen.

I made a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies if you would like to grab one.

I also have some fruit if you'd prefer and the avocados are for my morning shakes.

Besides getting new counters and the backsplash I also replaced the counter stools. The other ones looked fine, but they were extremely heavy and were a job to move to vacuum and mop. These are lightweight and oh so comfy with the upholstered seats. I found them on Overstock.

As soon as I saw the cane backs I knew they were the ones and of course the tiny tacks.
They are oh so French farmhouse.

As I mentioned in the progress posts the new counters are quartzite. It is called Sea Pearl and it's from South America. I was leaning towards honed marble, but when I saw this slab it was instant love and no upkeep like marble even though I was willing to do that.

The rug was found at World Market.

I love the veining and the different colors of the veins and the variations of color of the stone. Most of it is a very pale gray, but some areas are whiter.

I decided to go with a hexagon shape tile for the backsplash instead of subway tile this time. There is nothing wrong with subway, but I just wanted something different. The tile is called White Arctic Brushed marble from The Tile Shop. Nothing is sponsored in this post. We have always gotten our other tile from Floor & Decor and I looked there, too, but ended up with this different three inch hexagon marble. 

This is the view coming in from the dining room.

This photo looks different because I turned the lights on to get this shot of my wonderful new faucet. I searched faucets in this style and was looking at Rohl and other high end brands and a couple I liked weren't available for weeks. Well, I wasn't waiting if I could help it so I found this faucet by Whitehaus which I had never heard of. This faucet was ready to ship and it was half the price of the others that I had to wait on. This is the besk kitchen faucet I have owned and the water flow is fabulous and the handles turn so easily.

And the sink. Oh, this sink is so pretty! It's a single basin granite sink by Blanco in the color Truffle. I love the color with the counters. The single bowl is fabulous and it drains so quickly.

Of course pretties are spread around the kitchen. I've shared this old French pot before.

Next to the sink I have my pots and pans scrub brush and copper scrubbies in this antique blue and white transferware bowl. This stays here all the time.

I have been using this brand of kitchen hand soap for years and I set it in this little blue and white bowl I picked up at the Williams Sonoma outlet off a clearance shelf.

I ordered a couple of French vintage oil paintings for the kitchen and put one here and one on the hood over the cooktop.

It took awhile for this one to get here from France, but I love it.

The painting on the hood is also French, but the seller was here in the states so it arrived quickly.

You can get a good look at the backsplash in this shot and the next. The lighting changes some and you can see the different shades of white and the variations of the tiles.

I took some extra shots yesterday with lights on while it was raining again.
I would truly love a fancy gas stove, but we don't have gas so I'll live with my glass cooktop. We replaced the first one several years ago so we are on the second one in over twenty four years.

I'm not really a big candle loving person because they are normally just too overwhelming or the smell is just not good to me, but this Georgia Peach one by Antique Candle Co is really nice. (not sponsored)

Aprons and a vintage French bread basket hang from hooks. I use my aprons. How about you?

A lot of people are usually surprised we have white appliances. I love the white and am not a big fan of stainless steel. Also the appliances have been replaced one by one over the years, but we couldn't justify replacing perfectly good appliances. If I ever get to replace the dishwasher again it will be with a cabinet panel ready one. 

I hope you enjoyed the new kitchen.

Have a great week and don't forget to follow along on Instagram.


  1. Your kitchen turned out beautiful!! Love everything about it.

  2. Kim, your kitchen just gets prettier and prettier! Those countertops are stunning and I love the backsplash you chose. Also, I noticed the change in counter stools right away. Even though I always loved the old Ballard ones, I understand about them being heavy. Our old counter stools were heavy metal ones and I'm much happier with a lighter style. I'm sure you are thrilled with that new pretty faucet - what a find! Enjoy your lovely new space!

  3. All I can say is, My heart can't take it! SOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!

  4. So beautiful, Kim! The new lighter look really suits your "new" lighter style of decorating. So happy for you!

  5. Love the new Kitchen. Everything is beautiful, but those paintings....just the right touch.

  6. If I redid kitchen I would use white appliances too. I am so over the upkeep of stainless steel! Your kitchen look wonderful Kim. Love all of your choices. If you really want a gas stove you can have a propane tank buried near your house and use propane. That is what we are doing here because there is not natural gas in our community.

  7. So light and bright! Counters and black splash are very pretty and the faucet is grand !
    Yes I wear an apron too!

  8. Your kitchen is stunning! Love the new counter stools.

  9. So thrilled for you Kim, it's gorgeous. I knew it would be. Everything just looks so pretty together. You did a wonderful job!

    ENJOY :)

  10. Beautiful! How hard was it to add the molding above your cabinets? It looks like several layers. Would love to do this in my kitchen.

  11. So beautiful, I love the new counters and backsplash. I’ve said it before, I thought your kitchen was beautiful before but now it’s even more amazing.

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  15. Belle.........beautiful in French. =)

  16. That quartzite is absolutely gorgeous...

  17. I've loved your kitchen in all its variations but this one is my favorite. The counter tops are gorgeous and the backsplash is beautiful. I also use Cucina hand soap. I like the little bowl you found for yours. Mine is on a tray. I like white appliances in a white kitchen. Have you seen the new GE appliances in matte pretty but very pricey. Yes, I use my aprons!

  18. It's gorgeous Kim...but a little warning that quartzite can stain. It's definitely not as porous as marble but needs to be resealed every so often. We have quartzite at our beach home.

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  24. Everything is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love all of your choices. The paintings are perfect too. The counters are gorgeous And I love the new bar stoI have been wanting to replace mine and now I am going to do it:) Enjy your "new" space!

  25. The wait was worth it! Everything looks simply stunning...thank you for sharing.

  26. I have been anxiously checking your blog daily hoping to see the final results of your kitchen redo and they do not disappoint. I love that counter and the backsplash is perfect with it. Love love the bridge faucet. And those counter stools are perfection. It was a pretty kitchen before but now it's an amazing kitchen. I am hoping to do a kitchen over haul at my house soon. But have to do a few other things first. You made beautiful choices, Kim! Nita@ModVintageLife

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